San Francisco Bulgarian FESTIVAL 2023

Save the date: June 10, 2023

The annual four-day celebration of Bulgarian Culture and Slavic Alphabet is now slowly transitioning into a new kind of festival.

Details coming soon!

See previous year festival pages (from top navigation menu) to see and hear the festival!

About the Festival

This festival is a work of love and unceasing dedication to the Bulgarian spirit around the world by Tanya Kostova and her faithful Antika group and friends.  It started 2001 as Sts KIRIL and METHODY Bulgarian  Festival  with the colaboration of  John Daley, director of the Croatian Cultural Center, San Francisco, and local bands. Many thanks to all friends, supporters and volunteers through the years!

Thanks to Our Sponsors

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Thank you!

Tanya Kostova

ANTIKA BULGARIA Int Cultural Club, San Francisco since 2001